August 14

Send me your Schemes of Work….

Please send me your schemes of work by e-mail.
They will be uploaded to

All lesson for a topic will be zipped before uploading to webucate
….to save you time in downloading each separate file/lesson.

The latest files, submitted by Amy andTracey, are now online at



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June 3

Online Revision: Physics

The first FIVE activities are now o­nline for students

Physics Topics   (Focus o­n :  Heat Transfer and Renewable Energy)

Heat Transfer (Cloze Test)

Heat Transfer  (Crossword)

Heat Transfer  ( The Vacuum Flask:  Multiple Choice)

Renewable Energy

Electromagnetic Waves (Drag and Drop)

More to follow…..

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May 19

Wanted: Volunteers to prepare online revision materials….

I am constructing some online revision materials for our present Year 10. These revision activities will also be used for re-sit students in Year 11. The activities are totally interactive, and promote AfL and independent learning. They can be done anywhere students have access to a computer. The software is HotPotatoes, and it only takes less than 10 minutes to get familiar with this superb program. Activities can be stored on computers, printed out, or uploaded for total interactive experience. The activities include Cloze, Crossword, Matching Exercises, Jumbled Sentences, Multiple Choice Questions. So, these exercises can be used as suitable for starter and/or consolidation activities in lessons. There are useful online guides on how to make your own exercises. You can download Hot Potatoes Software from .

Here are some sample exercises recently constructed for 21st Century Science :

Communications Module:

Materials Module:

Materials: Shuttle Disasters

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